Logistics covers many aspects of what we do:

We are your China sourcing specialists.

Once orders are placed we agree an amount of product to be stored in the U.K. (estimated demand).

We then place stock into our UK warehouse to cover several months' worth of usage (even at peak demand).

This estimated demand is continually monitored to ensure we maintain a continuity of supply for each and every part.

Some of our customers send their weekly stock figures to us and we then put together a shipping list of stock which will then bring the stock profile up to agreed levels at the customers premises. This adds another benefit in that we save our customers valuable time examining their stock intake requirements.

We share with several of our customers the list of our U.K. stockholding (of their relevant parts), so that they can be confident we have correct availability even in the event of peak demand.

Stock will be replenished by our logistics control staff and where necessary we will inform the customer when further order coverage is needed.

Full Supply Project Management

Hegemon Components source and supply metal and plastic components globally. In the current competitive and fast moving environment we are geared to offering competitive prices by sourcing primarily from China.

We are an established, reliable source. We supply drilled, milled, machined and fabricated parts and a wide variety of castings, forgings, pressings/stampings along with plastic moulded and extruded products.

We are experienced in providing customers with assemblies and sub-assemblies which prove to be particularly cost effective.

Because we source numerous different types of product you only have to deal with one supplier based in the U.K, saving you valuable time and money.