Positive break micro switch HG1326

Positive break micro switch

A single pole miniature microswitch with normally closed positive break contacts which are forced open to 3mm (min gap), even in the event of welding. Featuring a roller lever actuator (11.7mm) and 6.3mm push-on terminals.

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No. Item Material
1 Plunger PBT 420SEO
2 Case PBT 420SEO
3 Cover PC 1250Y
4 Moving Piece Brass H62 Ag Plating
5 Lever Brass H62 Ag Plating
6 Contact AgCdO12
7 Terminal Brass H62 Ag Plating
8 Contact AgCd12/Cu
9 Spring Spring Steel Wire
10 Rivet Aluminium
11 Moving Arm Stainless Steel
12 Rivet Aluminium
13 Wheel PA66


Ratings 3A 250vAC
  6A 125vAC
Insulation Strength >100MΩ
Contact Resistance  
Test Voltage >1500vAC/5s
Electrical Life >50,000 cycles
Teperature -10 to +85°C
Operating Force  
Operating Position 21.2 ± 0.5mm
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